Volume-69 Issue-7 July 2021

  Title/Author Name Paper ID

A Systematic Review of Bluetooth Security Threats, Attacks & Analysis

- Tahira Ali, Rashid Baloch, Mohsan Azeem, Dr.Muhammad Farhan, Sana Naseem, Bushra Mohsin


Plants Disease Detection using Image Processing Techniques

- Dr. Suresh M B, Poorvika N, Sri Priya K, Varsha S, Sushma P Nagesh


Locomotion Control Framework for Snake-like Robot using Deep Reinforcement Learning

- Obe Olumide O, Ayogu Thomas O


Air Quality Monitor using Arduino

- Anannya Patra, Arvind S, Gautham M K, Sreelatha R


Stock Market Prediction Using Novel Deep Learning Approaches: A Review

- Munjal Shah


At The Cost of Consumer’s Privacy, Data Becomes The Most Expensive Digital Currency

- Munjal Shah


Quality Assurance Factors: Key Aspects for Software Quality Control and Testing

- Kishan N Milan


Detection of Mesoscale Eddies Using Structural Statistical Feature

- Baomin Shao, Hongyun Jia


Self-Organizing Information for Approaching AI by Relative Entropy

- I-HO Lee


Machine Learning In Healthcare for Chronic Kidney Disease Prediction

- Pranjali Kasture


Analysis of IT Capability Impact On Organizational Performance

- Phumzile Dorcus Mogoale, Prof Ray M Kekwaletswe, Aubrey Mongale