Volume-67 Issue-5 Number-2 May 2019

  Title/Author Name Paper ID

A Study of Risk Factors Associated With Diadetes Using A Multiple Logistic Regression Modelling

- Anthony K. Odior ,Felix Elugwu


An Approach To Find Frequent Pattern From Logs Using Modified Apriori Algorithm

- Priyanka Makkar


Android based System for Domestic Services

- S Rachitha ,SanjanaSathish,Shruthi S,Vismitha,Ambika V


A Survey: Reliability Solutions using Block Chains

- Dr. C K Raju, Ms. Jyothi B


Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership

- Tanu Goel , Dr. Prabhat Srivastava


Geospatial Intelligent Decision Support System Conceptual Framework for Disaster Management in Developing Countries

- Christina Albert Rayed Assad


 A Survey of the Concept of Blockchain security Challenges and Risks

- Jawed Qureshi


 A Survey of Cryptographic Hash Function (SHA) in Cloud Storage

- Dr. C D Guruprakash, Mr. Subhash C S


 Application of PSO and K-means Clustering algorithm for CBIR

- Aishwarya mohapatra, Subhashis Mishra, Gokulananda Das, Debashis Mishra, Utpal De


 An IoT Based Driver Assistance System to Detect and Notify the Presence of Potholes and Humps on Roads

- Ganga Holi, Rachna Rao


 Ameliorated Methodology For Retrieval Of Data Using Query By Example

- Dr. R. N. Kulkarni, Ms.Chinmayi A, Ms.Meghana A, Ms.Sai Harika K,Ms.Saraswathi Y


 User Identification Using Face Recognition System

- Arti Deshmukh , Prof M.A.Pund


 Integrity Check Mechanism for Personal Health Record in Cloud using SHA

- Mr. Subhash C S , Dr. C D Guruprakash , Dr. M Siddappa


 Fuzzy Model For Management Of Hiv/Aids Patients

- Dr. Oye, N.D , Isah. N


 Cutting-edge Application Longevity: A Practical Extensionof Agile Methodology in Modernization

- EkanemBassey Asuquo , AsuquoUwem Ekanem , Omolu Chukwuma


Speech Recognition performance of Dental Nasal an Retroflex nasal Phonomes of Malayalam Language

- Cini Kurian


An Optimized Smart Grid Solution for Charging and Discharging Services in Cloud Computing using Genetic Algorithm with ANN

- Harpreet Singh, Pushpraj Kaushik


Risk Management In Private Sector

- Rahul Reddy Nadikattu