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MCA Learning Algorithm for Incident Signals Estimation:A Review

- Rashid Ahmed , John A. Avaritsiotis


A Survey On Semi-Supervised Learning Techniques

- V. Jothi Prakash , Dr. L.M. Nithya




Survey on Sparse Coded Features for Content Based Face Image Retrieval

- D. JohnVictor , G. Selvavinayagam


A Review on Impersonation Attack in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network

- Nidhi Gour ,Monika Agarwal ,Heena Singh ,Ajay Kumar


Classification of Diabetes Mellitus using Modified Particle Swarm Optimization and Least Squares Support Vector Machine

- Omar S.Soliman , Eman AboElhamd


A Hybrid Estimation of Distribution Algorithm with Random Walk local Search for Multi-mode Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling problems

- Omar S. Soliman , Elshimaa A. R. Elgendi


A Support Vector Machine and Information Gain based Classification Framework for Diabetic Retinopathy Images

- M.Dharani , T.Menaka , G.Vinodhini


Affective Embedded Systems: a Requirement Engineering Approach

- Millys F. A. Carvalhaes, Adson F. da Rocha, Marcus Fraga Vieira and Talles Marcelo G. de A. Barbosa


Block Motion Based Dynamic Texture Analysis: A Review

- Akhlaqur Rahman , Sumaira Tasnim


A Study on Educational Data Mining

- Smitha Harikumar


Privacy Preservation using Shamir’s Secrete Sharing Algorithm for Data Storage Security

- Tejashree Paigude , Prof. T. A. Chavan


Hadoop Mapreduce Framework in Big Data Analytics

- Vidyullatha Pellakuri , Dr.D. Rajeswara Rao


Survey on Security Issues and Solutions in Cloud Computing

- D.Gnanavelu , Dr. G.Gunasekaran


Securing ATM Using Graphical Password Authentication Scheme

- Sonia Rathi , Raunak Chitnis , Ramakant Yadav , Mrs. M.V.Bhosle


Implementation of Minutiae Based Fingerprint Identification System using Crossing Number Concept

- Atul S. Chaudhari , Dr. Girish K. Patnaik , Sandip S. Patil