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A Framework for Web Based Detection of Journal Entries Frauds using Data Mining Algorithm

- Awodele O., Akinjobi J., Akinsola J. E. T.


Privacy Preservation in the cloud: current solutions and open issues

- Sahar F. Sabbeh


A Study on Quality of Service requirements in MANET especially focusing efficient routing procedures

- Amit Garg, Dr. Ashish Kumar, Dr. Amit Chaturvedi


Improved Real-Time Data Elasticity on Stream Cloud

- Mr. Chetan A. Joshi, Mr. Rohit N. Devikar


Cybercrime and Computer Science Undergraduate Students in Private Universities in Nigeria: An Empirical Investigation

- Nwosu, Jonathan. C., Adebawojo Bolanle, Ifeoma Helen Ayeni


Increasing the Performance of Vertical Handover Delay for Heterogeneous Wireless Network using BAN Logic & EAP

- Kundan P. Dongare, Prof. Uma K. Thakur, Dr. Leena H. Patil


Classics of Deep Learning Approach for Human Behaviour Ontology: A Survey

- H. R. Divakar, Dr.B.R.Prakash


Improvement of Scientific Research; Software Package for the Publishing Committee

- N.S. Mahmoud , R.M.A. Lashin, L.Kh. Abdul-Aziz


Operating System Simulator to Translate Assembler Code to Machine Code

- Enrique Ayala, Francisco A. Madera, Luis Basto


Case Studies of Security in Cloud Computing

- S.Kavya, G.S.Raghavendra


Big Data Storage Analytics

- Subash Thota


Viola-Jones Algorithm Based Approach for Face Detection of African Origin People and Newborn Infants

- Laxmi Narayan Soni, Dr. Ashutosh Datar, Prof. Shilpa Datar