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Modeling Connectivity of Ad Hoc Network Using Fuzzy Logic & Regression Analysis

- Mohit Jain, Satish Chand


Detection of Articulation Nodes in Mobile Ad Hoc Network Using Algebraic Graph Theory

- Mohit Jain, Satish Chand


Performance study of Face Recognition systems using LBP and ICA descriptors with sparse representation - MRLSR and KNN Classifiers, respectively

- K Sarath, G. Sreenivasulu


Study of Voice Controlled Personal Assistant Device

- Abhay Dekate, Chaitanya Kulkarni, Rohan Killedar


Evaluat?on of the Solar Panels in Terms of Energy Eff?c?ency

- Lutfu Sagbansua, Figen Balo


Sustainable Insulation Materials for Green Strategy in Construction

- Lutfu Sagbansua, Figen Balo


Capacitance Scaling Based Low Power Comparator Design on 28nm FPGA

- Abhay Saxena, Swapnil Gaidhani, Anamika Pant, Chandrashekhar Patel


Large Vocabulary in Continuous Speech Recognition Using HMM and Normal Fit

- Hemakumar G, Punithavalli M, Thippeswamy K


Mobile Computing – challenges in Wireless LANs and Mobile Ad hoc Network

- Dr. V. Harsha Shastri, V.Sreeprada, K.Anitha


A Scalable Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Model for Prediction of Movie Rating

- C. Ugwu, Ogundare, oluwagbenga emmanuel