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Context Provisioning for Mobile Service Ensembles

- Durga Puja, Raghav Mehra, BD Mazumdar


Design of Automobiles speed control system using RFID

- Harsh Mohan Lal, Prateek Bumb, John Daniel, Yedukondala Rao


Designing An Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Architecture As Business Model Protocol (BMP) For Distributed Electronic-Commerce Systems And Applications

- Anibrika S.K. Bright, Dr. M. Asante, Ashigbi F. Degadzor, Mustapha M. Adamu


Statistical Analysis of Factors that Influences the Evaluation and Adoption of Multi-Tenant Databases

- Olumuyiwa Matthew, Kevan Buckley, Mary Garvey


Reconstruction and adjustment of surfaces from a 3-D point cloud

- A.Marhraoui Hsaini, A. Bouazi, A. Mahdaoui, E.H. Sbai