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E-Government - an Information Security Perspective

- Rasha G. Hassan, Othman O. Khalifa


A Survey of Style Identification Approaches in Music Information Retrieval

- Santosh Pakhare, Mrs M. A. Potey


Duality of Iterative Soft Close in Multi Scale Soft Morphological Environment

- Kompella venkata ramana


Efficient Resource Provisioning in Cloud Environment in Terms of Profit using Hybrid Load Balancing Algorithm

- P.Karthika, K.C.Palanisamy


Defending Biometric Templates by Multilevel Authentication using BioCryptography and Steganography Techniques

- T. Leena Premakumari, Dr. S. Arul Jothi


Application of Genetic Algorithm and Machine Learning Techniques for Stock Market P r e d i c t i o n

- Shibendu Mukherjee, S M Dilip Kumar


Detection and Classification for Blood Cancer – A Survey

- Kuntal Barua, Prasun Chakrabarti


Enhanced BECAN Based En-Route filtering schemes for injected false data in Wireless Sensor Networks

- J.Ghayathri, S.Poornima


Data Seclusion in Multi-Owner Model using Dual-Encryption Method in Cloud Computing

- M. Anusha


Design and Application of Concurrent Double Key Survey Data Structures

- C. P. E. Agbachi


Information Retrieval using Jaccard Similarity Coefficient

- Manoj Chahal


Effective Hybrid Recommender Approach using Improved K-means And Similarity

- Prerana Khurana, Shabnam Parveen


Design and Analysis of Modified Fast Compressors for MAC Unit

- Anusree T U, Bonifus P L


Feature Selection Methods in Sentiment Analysis and Sentiment Classification of Amazon Product Reviews

- Tahura Shaikh, Dr. Deepa Deshpande