IJCTT-Volume 3 Iss 2 No 1  Issue 2012

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Evaluation of Teacher’s Performance Using Fuzzylogic Techniques

Sirigiri Pavani, P.V.S.S.Gangadhar, Kajal Kiran Gulhare. 


BSMR: Byzantine-Resilient Secure Multicast Routing In Multihop Wireless Networks 

Mahamood ul Hasan MD, Syed Shaheen.


 Face Comparison Using PSO Algorithm

Dr.A.V.Senthilkumar, J.Savitha.


 Imputation Framework for Missing Values

K. Raja, G. Tholkappia Arasu ,Chitra. S. Nair. 


RDFS:An Extension To RDF

-Gopal Pandey, Prof. B.V.Buddhadev


Behaviour based Trust Management using geometric mean approach for Wireless Sensor Networks

Ch.Satya Keerthi.N.V.L, A.Manogna, Ch.Yasaswini, A.Aparna, S.Ravi Teja.


Ray’s Scheme: Graphical Password Based Hybrid Authentication System for Smart Hand Held Devices

Partha Pratim Ray. 


A Novel SHA-1 approach in Database Security

Aarthi.G,Dr. E. Ramaraj. 


Performance Analysis of Asynchronous Optical Burst Switching Networks

Nivedha.G, Reethi.S


A Security Design combining the advantages of Cryptanalysis and Anonymous routing protocol to achieve data secrecy and anonymity

Varsha Waingankar, Swetha S


Performance analysis of Linear appearance based algorithms for Face Recognition

Steven Lawrence Fernandes,Dr.G.Josemin Bala.