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Stream Control Transmission Protocol Performance Analysis in Disk Local Area Network Services

- Lynet O. Sibiyia, Japheth O. Ondiek


Performance Evaluation of Quadtree & Hough Transform Segmentation Techniques for Iris recognition using Artificial Neural Network (Ann)

- Falohun A.S, Ismaila W.O, Adeosun O.O


Phishing Attacks and Counter Measures

- Sophia Kingsley Okore, Benisemeni Zakka


Our Traditions and Facebook: Are we shifting off the track?

- Firas Omar, Ahmad Nabot


A review on Face Detection and study of Viola Jones method

- Monali Chaudhari, Shanta sondur, Gauresh Vanjare


An Efficient Guilt Detection Approach for Identifying Data Leakages

- Anand Kiran


Avoiding Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Attack Using TwoFish Security Approach

- Wasim Akram Shaik, Rajesh Pasupuleti


Exploratory Secure Transmission of Data with Semantic CPDA Rule in Wireless Sensor Networks

- K.Bhagya Sri, A.Srinivasan


An Overview of Identity Deception Approaches and Its Effects

- Ms. M. Preensta Ebenazer, Dr. P. Sumathi


Fast Response Enhanced Multi-queue packet Scheduler scheme for Wireless Sensor Network

- Shital L. Bansod, Sonal Honale


Machine Learning Techniques for Automatic Classification of Patients with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis

- Begoña Garcia-Zapirain, Yolanda Garcia-Chimeno, Heather Rogers