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A Hybrid Approach for content based image retrieval from large Dataset

- Devendra Kurwe, Prof. Anjna Jayant Deen, Dr. Rajeev Pandey


Combining and Analysing Apriori and K-Means Algorithms for Efficient Data Mining on the Web

- Nisha Rani, Yamini Chouhan


Algorithmic Analysis of Edge Ranking and Profiling for MTF Determination of an Imaging System

- Poorna Banerjee Dasgupta


Matrix-Chain Multiplication Using Greedy and Divide-Conquer approach

- Raghav Lakhotia, Sanjeev Kumar, Rishabh Sood, Harmeet Singh, Javaid Nabi


Security mechanism for Collision Avoidance and Attack Prevention Formants

- Harpreet Kaur, Mrs.SupreetKaur


Literature Survey on Multicast Routing Protocols in MANETS

- T.Rama Thulasi, N.Jyotsna, K.Sowjanya


Extraction, Visualisation and Analysis of Co- Authorship Based Academic Social Networks

- Tasleem Arif


QR Images: an Automatic Method to Embed QR codes in to Color Images

- Shraddha Bachkar, Prajakta Savkar, Sarika Sarode


Integrating Grid Computing Technology into Multimedia Application

- Rafid Al-Khannak, Abdulkareem A. Kadhim, Nada S. Ibrahim


A Novel Approach for Classification of Indoor Scenes

- Gagandeep Kaur, Dr. Amandeep Verma


Efficient Layout Design of 4-Bit Full Adder using Transmission Gate

- Anurag Yadav, Rajesh Mehra


Brief Overview of Automated Industrial Plant: A Review

- Akogbe Michael Abogunde


Voice recognition Using back propagation algorithm in neural networks

- Abdelmajid Hassan Mansour, Gafar Zen Alabdeen Salh, Hozayfa Hayder Zeen Alabdeen


Study of HSV Color Space Deviations and Histograms in Image Steganography

- Pankaj Sambyal


A Novel Approach to Face Detection using Image Parsing and Morphological Analysis

- Abhishek Maity, Sayan Dasgupta, Debjit Paul


The Adverse Effect of Watering Hole Attack in Distributed Systems and the Preventive Measures

- Glory V. Umoh, Nnamnso P. Paul