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Review of Role Based Access Control Method for Securing User Space in Cloud Computing

- Mrs.Sunitha B.S , Dr.Anir Ban Basu


Implementation of Path Finding Algorithms in a 3-Dimentional Environment

- Firas Abdullah Thweny Al-Saedi , Fadi Khalid Ibrahim


Run Time Bubble Sort – An Enhancement of Bubble Sort

- Harish Rohil , Manisha


Detection of Voiced, Unvoiced and Silence Regions of Assamese Speech by Using Acoustic Features

- Bidyut Kumar Das , Ajit Das , Utpal Bhattacharjee


Green Computing

- Biswajit Saha


Selection of Most Appropriate Backpropagation Training Algorithm in Data Pattern Recognition

- Hindayati Mustafidah , Sri Hartati , Retantyo Wardoyo , Agus Harjoko


Iris Recognition based on Wavelet Transform and Probabilistic Neural Network

- Azade Bastani


Real Time and Past Positional Location Analysis of Friends in a Social Network Using Smart Devices

- Dr. Sanjeev Dhawan , Nishu Dhundwal


Robust Intrusion Detection Mechanism for Mobile Adhoc Networks

- Ms. Rasagna Chinthireddy , Dr. S Arvind