Volume-69 Issue-5 May 2021

  Title/Author Name Paper ID

Impact of Crime Reporting System to Enhance Effectiveness of Police Service

- KN Jayasinghe, MPL Perera


Designing and Implementing Shortest and Fastest Paths; A Comparison of Bellman-Ford algorithm, A*, and Dijkstra’s algorithms

- Al Bager A. Al Bager. R, Al Samani A. Ahmed


An Analytical Study on Information Technology and Functionality

- Abdusalam Aldrawi, Kemal Akyol


Amazon Web Services Security Best Practices

- Vandana Premkumar, Vinil Bhandari


A Web-Based Questions-Bank System for Improving E-Learning in Egyptian Universities

- W.K.ElSaid


A Survey on Cloud Data Fetching Techniques and Feature Sets

- Amit Kumar Jha, Dr.Megha Kamble


A Machine Learning Based DSS in Predicting Undergraduate Freshmen Enrolment in a Philippine University

- Dr. Joseph A. Esquivel, Dr. James A. Esquivel


DDoS Malicious Node Detection by Jaccard and Page Rank Algorithm in Cloud Environment

- Adil Hussain Mohammed


Secure Real Estate Transaction Platform using BlockChain And AngularJS

- K.Sunitha


Food Item Calorie Estimation Using YOLOv4 and Image Processing

- Samidha Patil, Shivani Patil, Vaishnavi Kale, Mohan Bonde


Text Summarization of News Events Using Semantic Triples

- Shikha Singh, Garima Srivastava