Volume-69 Issue-1 January 2021

  Title/Author Name Paper ID

Customer Relation Management Features On Mobile Web And The Implementation For Universities In Central Java, Indonesia

- Yohanes Suhari, Kristophorus Hadiono, Arief Jananto


Customer Perception Towards Use of “OTP” For Withdrawal of Cash From Sbi Atm

- Mrs. R. Bhavani


A Study on the Strengthening Method of SW Education Capacity for Pre-elementary School Teachers

- Pyung Kim


Diagnostic, Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics with Geospatial Data

- Prashant Tyagi


Automated Students Examination Seat Allocation Using Linear Congruential Generator Algorithm

- Abubakar Sadiq, Abdullahi Abdulrahman, Olabisi Dada, Anthony Olajide


A New Dimensions and Directions of an Online Education System

- Yogesh Awasthi


AI-Driven (Smart) Throttling in API Management using Stream Processor and trained ML Models

- Bharathan Kasthuri Rengan


The Impact of COVID-19 on Cyber Security

- Mohammed A Aljama, Fadi Alsafwani