Volume-68 Issue-2 Number-1 Feruary 2020

  Title/Author Name Paper ID

Host Hardening Review Management System in Enterprise

- Ricky Hermawan, Nia Rahma Kurnianda


Emerging Technologies to Smart Education

- K. Palanivel


Ship Detection from Satellite Imagery In Deep Learning: Using Sequential Algorithm

- Kodanda Dhar Naik, Manisha Rautaray, Shivam Sharma, Sourav Mohapatra, Subhashree Dash , Abhishek Parida


Impact of Digital Humanities And Literary Study In Electronic Era

- Dr. R. Sunitha


Supporting Structure For Prioritizing And Assigning Six Sigma Software Projects Using Fuzzy Logic Topsis And Fuzzy Logic Expert System

- Dr.Chandrakanth G Pujari


Expert System For Diagnosis Of Eye Defect And Recommendation

- Jemimah, N., Dr. Oye, N. D


Architectural Pattern for Implementing Data Quality Monitoring and Reporting Framework

- Imran Quadri Syed


Classification and Prediction of Slow Learners Using Machine Learning Algorithms

- Sangeeta.K, G.V.S.S.Naveen Babu, Madhuri.G


Intrusion Detection Using Tree Based Classifiers

- Ashalata Panigrahi, Manas Ranjan Patra


Minimum Personnel and Organizational Structure Proposal for Obsolescence Management in a Wellhead Equipment Supplier in the Aftermarket Phase

- Joaquim G. Barreto, Paulo Maurício T. Siqueira, Carlos Frederico de O. Barros, Iara Tammela