Volume-67 Issue-9 Number-1 September 2019

  Title/Author Name Paper ID

IoT Based Farmers’ Smart Technology, Case Study: Rwanda Meteorology Agency, Kayonza District

- Kundan Kumar,Benson Murimi, Ishimwe Romalice


Structural Analysis Of Fracturing In Sinjar Anticline Using Remote Sensing Technique

- Kasim Jubeir Salman, Muhammad Ali Salah ,Yahiya Abdul-Hussein


Predicting the Consumer‟s Product Purchase Intention Using Regression Analysis at Attribute Level

- K Radha, V Karthik , K Manish


Cloud Computing-Challenges and Benefits

- Eric Huey


Content Based Image Retrieval using Color Histogram and Discrete Cosine Transform

- Mohammed M. Elsheh, Sumaia A. Eltomi


A Brief Discussion on Two Different Cryptocurrency: BITCOIN & ETHEREUM

- Srinjoy Mahato , Tanmoy Khatua , Ankan Das , Mr. Tathagata Roy Chowdhury


A Review of Emerging Security Issues In Cloud Computing

- Roselyne Akinyi Oluoch ,Nelson Masese


Academic Information System Effectiveness Key Factors

- Sukarno Bahat Nauli , Berlin P Sitorus


Key Word searching in Speech using QbE and RNN

- M.Mamatha


Speaker Diarization

- Ms.Apoorva Iyer , Ms.Deepika Kini , Mrs.Shanthi Therese


A Structure and Implementation of Wireless Energy Harvesting

- Supriya.M, Chethana Srinivas


Cyber Physical System Security Model For Remote Sensing Device Protection: A Technical Review

- Dr. Silvance Abeka


Data Warehouse Architecture – Leading the next generation Data Science

- Rahul Reddy Nadikattu