Volume-67 Issue-8 Number-1 August 2019

  Title/Author Name Paper ID

HPC Feature for Crowd Outdoor Scenes Estimation

- H. H. Lin , K.T. Win


Simplifying Control Flow Graphs for Reducing Complexity in Control Flow Testing

- Myint Myitzu Aung, Kay Thi Win


Controlling Robot By Fingers Using Flex Sensors

-Mounika Bhusa, Deepika Hugar, Vishwanatha Hugar


IOT Based Vacuum Cleaner Robot

- Sutendra Subash Mahale, Aparna Rane, Vaishnavi Malvanker


An Evolving Model of Voice Disorder Detection using Deep Belief Network

- P. Kokila, Dr. G. M. Nasira


Scrutinizing Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Frameworks: PhoneGap and Ionic

- Qurban Ali Mari, Sania Bhatti, Tariq Jameel Saifullah Khanzada


Guidelines for Cloud Computing Architecture:Development Process

- Raja Muhammad Ubaid Ullah, Dr.Kevan A. Buckley, Dr. Mary Garvey, Dr. Jun L


Leaf Disease Detection Using Artificial Neural Network

- Rakshit Khajuria , Himani khajuria


Analyzing Word Error Rate on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Myanmar Printed Document Image

- Thin Thin Hlaing, May Phyo Oo, Thaint Zarli Myint


 Evaluation of Emotional Students During the Final Project Writing Process

- Sulis Sandiwarno


Measurement of Learning Evaluation Against Assisted by Laboratory Assistants

- Sulis Sandiwarno


Properties of WLAN Indoor Fingerprinting Received Signal Strength for Localization

- Mrindoko R. Nicholaus, Edephonce N. Nfuka, Kenedy Aliila Greyson


 Aggravation of Mobile Banking Trojan in Android Platform and its Mitigation Techniques

- Rincy Raphael


Evaluation Of Enhanced Swarm Based Mac Layer Protocol Over Secured Lazy Receiver Processing In Manets

- G. Nazia sulthana, Virendra kumar sharma


A Review on Concept of Object Detection Techniques

- Rafah Amer Jaafar , Wurood A. Jbara , Shaymaa Adnan Abdulrahman