Volume-67 Issue-7 Number-1 July 2019

  Title/Author Name Paper ID

Comprehensive Survey: Automatic Query Expansion

- Sayani Ghosal, Dr. Devendra Kumar Tayal


ERP System As A Inventory Control And Waste Elimination (Pt Vif Case Study)

- Wawan Gunawan


Survey Report on Cyber Security related issues on Nuclear Stations, Vehicles and Wireless Networks

- Sarvesh Joshi


Challenges Facing E –Commerce: A Case Study of Amazon vs Snapdeal

- Surbhi Gambhir


The Business Intelligence Use In Healthcare And Its Enhancement By Predictive Analytics

- Fatimetou Zahra Mohamed Mahmoud , Noor Azizah Mohamadali


The Challenges of Cloud Computing in Forensic Science

- Raja Muhammad Ubaid Ullah, Dr.Kevan A. Buckley,Dr. Mary Garvey, Dr. Jun Li


Classification of Flood Disaster Predictions using the C5.0 and SVM Algorithms based on Flood Disaster Prone Areas

- Saruni Dwiasnati, Yudo Devianto


Survey on Usage of Machine Learning Techniques in Different Biological Domains

- Divya K S, Dr M A Dorairangaswamy, Jain Stoble B


Power System Small Signal Stability Analysis Using Facts Pod

- Mayank Singh Verma, Poonam Khatarkar, Kumar Prabhakar


A Survey On Various Architectures, Models And Methodologies For Identifying Brain Tumor

- Divya D J , Prakasha S


 Comparison of Adult Human Emotional States Using Electroencephalography Signals with Voice Recording and Pictures



 Application of Data Mining Classification Algorithms for Afaan Oromo Media Text News Categorization

- Etana Fikadu Dinsa, Ramesh Babu P


 Application of Floyd-Warshall Iterative Algorithm for Travelling to the Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Myanmar

- Sanda San, San San Maw, Lin Lin Naing


 QRD-Mamdani FIS for Digital Image Watermarking

- Areej M. Abduldaim, Raghad I. Sabri


 Types of Leaf Classification using Machine Learning

- Prabhakar TS, Siddharth B, Mandara KR


 Models and Method for Estimate Information-Time Characteristics of Real-Time Control System

- Kosolapov Anatolii


 Improved Sugeno FIS-2Level DWT Digital Image Watermarking Technique

- Raghad I. Sabri, Areej M. Abduldaim


 A Study of Various Roles in a Successful Data Organization

- Vishal Srivastava