IJCTT - Volume 63 - No 1 September 2018

  Title/Author Name Paper ID

A Contemporary Survey and Taxonomy of the Distributed Denial-of- Service Attack in Server

- B.Hemalatha, Dr.N.Sumathi


Feed-Forward Deep Learning Model for Data Analysis and Prediction

- Er.Hari K.C, Er.Rammani Adhikari, Er.Sharan Thapa


Real-time Vehicle Inspection and Security Management System

- Iduh Blessing Nwamaka, Ositanwosu Obiajulu E, Ugwunna Charles O


Mann-Kendall Test - A Novel Approach for Statistical Trend Analysis

- Neel Kamal, Dr.Sanjay Pachauri


Imapct of Node Speed Variation on the Performance of a MANET Routing Protocol under OFDM (IEEE 802.11A) and DSSS (IEEE 802.11b)

- Anas Tukur Balarabe, Zahriya Lawal Hassan, Asama'u Shehu Sidi, Nura Modi Shagari


Closing the Knowledge/Experience Gap between Generations of Civil Servants using IT knowledge Transfer Platform

- Umo-OdiongAsuquo A., Emmanuel UbeneOyo-Ita , Ogban, UsangEkume


An Overview of Data Analytics in Emergency Management

- KayodeAbiodun, Oladapo


Techniques for Performance Enhancement of SQL Queries in Relational Databases

- Praveena M.V., Dr.Ajeet A. Chikkamannur