IJCTT - Volume 62 - No 1 August 2018

  Title/Author Name Paper ID

Environmental Audio Tagging: Trends and Techniques

- Dr.Jayasudha.J.S, Mrs.Sangeetha.M.S

SQL “+” NoSQL, A Merger with Great Capabilities

- Wumi Ajayi


 In-Silico Protein-Ligand Docking Studies against the NS5 Methyltransferase Protein of Dengue Virus

- Nidhi Katiyar, Ravindra Nath


Secure Multimodal Biometric Authentication System against Spoofing Attacks

- S.G.Adlin Nisha, Dr.M.K.Jeyakumar


Mobile Base Learning Application for Campus on Android Platform, Case Study- University of Tourism, Technology and Business Studies

- Kundan Kumar, Cherono Chepkwony


A Novel Hyper-Chaos-Based Image Encryption Algorithm Using Bit-Level Permutation and Pixel-Level Diffusion

- Yajuan Li, Ruisong Ye, Cherono Chepkwony


Music Genre Classification using Naïve Bayes Algorithm

- Ardiansyah, Boy Yuliadi, Riad Sahara


Symmetric Image Encryption using Scrambling Technique Based on Matrix Reodering Coding

- Mamy Alain Rakotomalala, Falimanana Randimbindrainibe, Sitraka R.Rakotondramanana


Running Instances of Virtual Machines Concurrently and Securely in Cloud Environment

- Naveen Kumar A.N, Dr.N.L.Udayakumar


The Use of Data Mining Techniques in Analysing Traffic Accidents ( An application on Khartoum State) 

- Mozamel M. Saeed


Introduction of Routing and its Types 

- Er.Navneet Kaur


Contemporary Leadership in IT Projects: A Key to Project Success in Digital Age
 - Anoop Kumar