IJCTT - Volume 60 - No 2 June 2018

  Title/Author Name Paper ID

Tasks Scheduling with Heterogeneity System in the Cloud Computing using ACO Algorithm

- Mrs. Nahla Ahmed farag, Prof. Ramesh Babu Inampudi


Joint Power Allocation and Beam Forming for Energy-Efficient Multi-Way Multi-Antenna Relay Networks

- L.K.Wiseling lazarus, Dr.P.Venkadesh, J.P.Jayan


Comparative Study on Classification Algorithms for Plant Leaves Disease Detection

- S.Dhivya, Dr.R.Shanmugavadivu


Security System using Arduino

- Geethanjali T M ,RaushaniKumari,Srividya M S,Shreeraksha M R


Req2Test - Graph Driven Test Case Generation for Domain Specific Requirement

- Veera Prathap Reddy M, Prasad P.V.R.D, Manjunath Chikkamath, Karthikeyan Ponnalagu, Sarathchandra Mandadi, and Praveen C.V.R


Extracting Conjunction Patterns in Relation Triplets from Complex Requirement Sentence

- Veera Prathap Reddy M, Prasad P.V.R.D, Manjunath Chikkamath and Karthikeyan Ponnalagu


Deep Learning models for Video based Facial Recognition Systems: A Survey

- K.Sunitha


 Analysis on Privacy Preserving and Data Security for Cloud Data Storage

- Dr. Amit Kr. Chaturvedi, Meetendra Singh Chahar, Dr. Kalpana Sharma


Review On Spyware - A Malware Detection Using Datamining

- Mrs. Pushpa, S.Santhiya

Performance Analysis of Implementation of AES (XTS)-MR in HDFS and Its Suitability in UIDAI

- Arpana Chaturvedi, Dr. Vinay Kumar, Dr. Meenu Dave


Key-Aggregate Cryptosystem with Broadcast Aggregate Keys for Secure Data Sharing in Cloud Computing

- Rasika R S, Dr. R. V. Siva Balan