IJCTT - Volume 56 - No 1 February 2018

  Title/Author Name Paper ID
Voice Control for Flexible Medicine Robot

- Rami Matarneh, Svitlana Maksymova, Oleksandr Zeleniy, Vyacheslav Lyashenko

Accelerating Hash Join Performance by Exploiting Data Distribution

- Yang Liu, Zhen He, Xiang Wu Meng

State Management, Partial and Full State Saving Strategy - JavaServer Faces

- Vijay Kumar Pandey

Analysis and Application of Data Mining in CRM Systems of Healthcare Insurance

- Ms.Sheetal Macwan, Mr.Samrat Khanna

Comparative Analysis of DSAS and MobiTC in Coastal Coastline Dynamics of Baguida and Agbodrafo Cantons (South-East Togo) from 1986 to 2017

- KASSI Ahon Jean-Baptiste, AFFO DJOBO Atcha, KOUAME Adonis Krou Damien

Attached Object, UI Component Wovening of Attributes using Meta Rule API - JSF

- Vijay Kumar Pandey

Data Warehouse Design for Electronic Manufacturing Company

- Fauziyah, Metty Mustikasari, Irwan Bastian

State of ICT Waste Treatment in Developing Countries and Proposals : Case of Chad

- MBAIOSSOUM Bery Leouro, MAHAMAT Atteib Doutoum, DIONLAR Lang

Home Automation using IOT

- Mahind N.L, Gujar G.V., Patel H.S, Nikam P.S., Asst.prof.Ms.Patil P.D.

Browser Extension for Top-k Instance Retrieval

- Mr. Mali S. R, Ms. Prajakta Shaha, Nilam Patil, Shaheen Shikalgar, Shinde Megha