IJCTT - Volume 54 - No 2 December 2017

  Title/Author Name Paper ID
CWHP algorithm for Scheduling Real-Time Transactions

- Fadia A. Elbagir, Ahmed Khalid, Khalid Khanfar

Mouse Control System using LED-Based Colour Detection

- Norhafiza Hamzah, Mohd Sukry Mohd Yusuf, Rechard Lee

Introduction to Text Mining with R using packages

- Venkateswarlu pynam, Kolli srikanth, Ashok Surgala, Aravind Bammidi

Distributed Denial of Service attack Techniques and Defense Mechanisms

- G. Nazia Sulthana, V.K. Sharma

Web Based Centralized Cooperative Information Management System

- Olorunlomerue, A. B, Ekuewa, J. B, Oyetunji, O. O, Ramoni, T. A

Design Concept E-Learning Using Absorb-Do-Connect Type Method For Junior Homeschooling Education

- Inge Handriani

Security Policy Monitoring System

- Slim Toueiti, Amir Souissi, Karim Hassan

Virtual Reality Games to Promote Healthy Behavior Choices

- Alice J.Lin, Charles B.Chen, Fuhua(Frank)Cheng