IJCTT-Volume 5 No 1 November 2013

Title/Author Name
Paper Id

 Clustering Subspace for High Dimensional Categorical Data Using Neuro-Fuzzy Classification 

- Ms. K.Karunambiga , Mrs. M.Suganya. 


 User- And Query-Conditional Ranking for Web Databases

- Mrs.D.Kalyani , Mrs. M.Suganya. 


 Ranking Based Approach to Maximize Utility of Recommender Systems

S.Ganesh Kumar , P.Hari Krishna.


 Shamir Secret Sharing Based Authentication Method with Data Repair Capability for Gray Scale Document Images via the Use of PNG Image

Nagababu Manne , K.J.Silva Lorraine.


 A Selfishness Aware Neighbor Coverage Based Probabilistic Rebroadcast Protocol for Manets

Deepthi Sivaraj.


 Advanced EGMP Based Multicast for Ad-Hoc MIMO

- Srikalyani Paashikanti , Rajashekar Thallapalli


 Robust & Efficient Power Management Technique for MIMO Network Interfaces

- Sasi Manchala , K.J.Silva Lorraine 


 Deployment and Evaluation of a Multi-Hop Wireless Network

Fakrulradzi Idris , Norlezah Hashim


 Improved Clustering and Naïve Bayesian based Binary Decision tree with Bagging Approach

Medeswara Rao, Sudhir Tirumalasetty


 Network Packet Jamming Detection and Prevention Using Hiding Method

M.VamsiKrishna , R.Sudhakishore


 Performance Analysis of AODV and OLSR using OPNET

- Jagdeep Singh , Dr. Rajiv Mahajan


 End-To-End Trust Based Transmission Optimization in Smartgrid Network Architecture

- M.Ramasaravanan , M.Kirithikadevi 


 An Optimization Technique for Image Watermarking Scheme

S.Veeramani , Y.Rakesh


 A Review on Reconstruction Based Techniques for Privacy Preservation of Critical Data

Keyur Dodiya , Shruti Yagnik


 Enhancing File Security by Rijndael Algorithm Using Combination of Other New Generation Security Algorithms

Anshu Dixit , Ashish Kumar Jain


 Analysis of Energy Aware Data Center using Green Cloud Simulator in Cloud Computing

Beant Singh Gill , Satinderjit kaur Gill , Prince Jain