IJCTT - Volume 38 - No 1 August 2016

  Title/Author Name Paper ID
Application Design of Toll Payment using QR Code a Case Study of PT. JasaMarga
- YudhiKristanto, BagusPriambodo
Hexagonal Prism: A Geometric Primitive for Architecture Design
- Jorge Madera-Valdez, Francisco A. Madera
Optimization of Geometry, Processes, Signals and Systems in Real World Engineering Problems by Cuckoo Search - A Survey of Recent Literature
- Biswajit Saha, Shalini Mahato, Debaprasad Mukherjee
Probabilistic and Link Based Energy Efficient Routing in MANET
- M.Ilango, A.V.Senthil Kumar
Unstructured Data: an overview of the data of Big Data
- Adanma Cecilia Eberendu
Real-Time Public Vehicle Mobile Tracking System Using Global Positioning System Technology
- J.C. Ogbonna, C.E. Nwokorie, J.N. Odii, C.C. Ukaegbu
Android Based Mobile Application to Estimate Nitrogen Content in Rice Crop
- Navdeep Kaur, Derminder Singh
A Re-router for Reducing Wire Length in Multi- Layer No-Dogleg Channel Routing
- Swagata Saha Sau, Rajat Kumar Pal
Enhanced Protocols for Non-Visual Navigation of Smartphone Applications Screen Icons
- Raymond Mugyenyi, Dr. Nabaasa Evarist, David Bamutura
Survey on Data Mining Algorithms in Disease Prediction
- V.Kirubha, S.Manju Priya
A Survey in Active Queue Management Methods According to Performance Measures
- Mahmoud baklizi, Jafar Ababneh