IJCTT - Volume 34 - No 1 April 2016

  Title/Author Name Paper ID
  Examining Factors of Academic Procrastination Tendency of University Students by using Artificial Neural Network
- Dr. Murat Kayri, Dr. Ömay Çokluk
  An Enhanced Page Ranking Algorithm Based on Weights and Third level Ranking of the Webpages
- Prahlad Kumar Sharma, Sanjay Tiwari
  Cloud Data Center Security and Cryptography a Survey
- Mr.KanwarLal Dhakar, Prof. SavitaRathod
  Improving Energy Efficiency of Femtocell Network with Limited Backhaul Capacity
- Deepali Gaur, Ajay Kumar Singh
  An Analysis on Recent Reviews Pertaining to Web Mining and Its Application Domains
- J.I. Christy Eunaicy, S. Suguna
  Semi Supervised Document Classification Model Using Artificial Neural Networks
- Dr.M.Karthikeyan
  Mutual Authentication in Cloud Computing - A Review
- Harpreet Kaur, Usvir Kaur
  Iris Image Authentication based on Adaptive Watermarking System
- Dr. Methaq Talib Gaata, Refah Aamer Jaafar
  Identification of Sybil Attack on Social Networks
- Dr.J.I.Sheeba, V.Saranya, Dr.S.Pradeep Devaneyan
  Effects of DDoS Attacks on Inter-Vehicle Communication - A Survey
- Gurjit Kaur, Ranjeet kaur Sandhu
  A Brief Review of Classifiers used in OCR Applications
- Satish Kumar
  Clickstream Analysis using Hadoop
- Harshit Makhecha, Dharmendra Singh, Bhagirath Prajapati, Priyanka Puvar
  Feature Based Sentiment Analysis of Product Reviews using Modified PMI-IR method
- Sanjay Kalamdhad, Shivendra Dubey, Mukesh Dixit
  Approaches of Recommender System: A Survey
- Prerana Khurana, Shabnam Parveen
  Harnessing Power of Decision Tree Approach for HPF Prediction using SIPINA and See5
- Sunny Sharma, Amritpal Singh, Dr. Rajinder Singh
  Optimization of Online Job Shop Partitioning and Scheduling for Heterogeneous Systems using Genetic Algorithm
- Sunny Sharma, Gurjit Singh Randhawa
  Automatic Happiness Strength Analysis of a Group of People using Facial Expressions
- Sagiri Prasanthi, Maddali M.V.M. Kumar
  Examining Genetic Algorithms as an effective Computational tool in Education-Domain
- Amritpal Singh, Gurjit Singh
  Intelligent Voice Assistant using Android Platform
- DarpanRaut, SumedhSalvi, ShrikrishnaSalvi, Prof. S. R. Rangari