IJCTT - Volume 18 - No 1 Dec 2014

  Title/Author Name Paper ID
  A Novel Framework for Construing User Search Intension with Feedback sessions
- Shaheen, M. Satyanarayana Reddy, Prof.S.V.Achutha Rao
  A Secure Online Application Safeguarding Data with Stegnography based Watermarking
- Swathi Voddi, Santhi Chavala, Prof.S.V.Achutha Rao
  Tracking of Local Area Adversaries in Wireless Sensor Networks
- P. Seetha Ramakrishna , P. Samba Siva Rao , Abdul Vahed
  Wireless Sensor Expedition of Extensive Choice to Preserve the Quality
- Alivelu Manga Tayi Ch S , B.V.S. Varma , Abdul Vahed
  Securely Data Sharing with Indeterminate ID Allocation
- V. Lasya , M. Prasanthi , Abdul Vahed
  A Statistical Survey on Imperial Data Handling in Big Data
- T. Princess Raichel, S.Kokila, N.Sowmya
  Secure User Authentication & Graphical Password using Cued Click-Points
- Miss.Saraswati B.Sahu, Associate Prof. Angad Singh
  Secure and Privacy-Preserving Distributed File Systems on Load Rebalancing in Cloud Computing
- A Sumanth, Bhaludra Raveendranadh Singh, Moligi Sangeetha
  Object classification Techniques using Machine Learning Model
- Er. Navjot Kaur, Er. Yadwinder Kaur
  Telecommunications Infrastructure Consequence to Economic Growth in Malaysia: Time Series Analysis
- Shairil Izwan Taasim, Remali Yusoff
  A Novel Integrated Approach for Big Data Mining
- Ritu Katarha, Hareram Shah
  Image Restoration Technique for Fog Degraded Image
- Sheelu Mishra, Mrs. Tripti Sharma
  Enhanced Classification to Counter the Problem of Cluster Disjuncts
- Syed Ziaur Rahman, Dr.G. Samuel Vara Prasad Raju
  Automation of Ash Handling System with Event Logger
- Prof. A.S.Wadhawe , Rahul P. Kurtadikar
  Conditional Activity-Based Model for Describing User Experience Using Category Theory
- Ahmed A. A. Gad-Elrab , Kamal A. ElDahshan , Mahmoud E. Embabi
  Towards Innovative System for Hadith Isnad Processing
- Moath M. Najeeb
  Learning Analytics: A Survey
- Usha Keshavamurthy , Dr. H S Guruprasad
  An Approach for Detecting and Preventing DoS Attacks in LAN
- Majed Tabash , Tawfiq Barhoom
  Extended SQL Aggregation for Database Transformation
- Archana A. Chaudhari , Harmeet Kaur Khanuja
  Assessing Moodle as Learning Management System Platform for English Course Based TOEFL
- Irfan Syamsuddin , Alimin