IJCTT - Volume 17 - No 2 Nov 2014

  Title/Author Name Paper ID
  A Literature Survey on Facial Expression Recognition techniques using Appearance based features
- Jaimini Suthar, Narendra Limbad
  Survey of Intrusion Detection Techniques in LEACH
- Sugandha Gupta and Vandita Grover
  Survey of Spell Checking Techniques for Malayalam: NLP
- Shahana Basheer, Sindhu L
  A Nonlinear Stochastic Optimization Model for Water distribution network problem with reliability consideration
- Asrin Lubis, Herman Mawengkang
  Placement Prediction Analysis in University Using Improved Decision Tree Based Algorithm
- Dammalapati Rama Krishna, Bode Prasad, Teki Satyanarayana Murthy
  Patient Health Care Analysis based on ANFIS Sugeno Model
- Mayilvaganan M, Rajeswari K
  Performance Comparison of FSA Red & Apriori Algorithm’s in Mutation Analysis
- Mayilvaganan M, Hemalatha R
  Elephant Localization Estimation within Acoustic Sensor Network Based On Real Time Data
- M Mayilvaganan, Devaki M
  Identify Effective Factors for Improving E-Trust of E-Transactions in the Context of E-Commerce and E-Government
- Issa Najafi
  An Efficient Method to Identify the Most Frequent Item Sets Using Database Count Algorithm and Effective Aco Algorithm in a Peer to Peer Network
- S.Veena, DR.P.Rangarajan
  Optimization of Software Quality using Management and Technical Review Techniques
- Inibehe Emmanuel Akpannah