IJCTT - Volume 16 - No 1 Oct 2014

  Title/Author Name Paper ID
  Measuring Sustainability Impact of Software 
- Mfon-Abasi Raphael Idio
  A Novel Approach for Secure Data Sharing in Multi-Owner groups in Cloud 
- Jaldi Rakesh , Janapati Venkata Krishna
  An Etiquette Approach for Public Audit and Preserve Data at Cloud 
- D.Prasad , Bhaludra Raveendranadh Singh , Mahesh Akuthota , Moligi Sangeetha
  Cluster-Based Trust Model for Online Reputation System 
- A.Deepthi Priyanka , Punugoti Srikanth , Janapati Venkata Krishna
  Perpetuate Data Report based on the Slicing Approach 
- G. Sai Raghunath , Bhaludra Raveendranadh Singh , Moligi Sangeetha
  Smart Data Back-up Technique for Cloud Computing using Secure Erasure Coding 
- Kolipaka Kiran , Janapati Venkata Krishna
  Survey on Various Techniques of User Authentication and Graphical Password 
- Miss. Saraswati B. Sahu , Associate Prof. Angad Singh
  Data Science: Bigtable, MapReduce and Google File System 
- Karan B. Maniar , Chintan B. Khatri
  A Cloud-Based Watermarking Method for Health Data and Image Security 
- Kavita Athnikar , Prajakta Shirke , Snehal Tajave , Mukta Tarkasband
  A Formal Approach to Distributed System Security Test Generation 
- Vladimir A. Khlevnoy , Andrey A. Shchurov
  A Multi Objective Model For Fish Processed Production Planning Under Uncertainty 
- Sawaluddin , Herman Mawengkang
  A Design of Secure Confront based Social Network for Exigency and Trade-offs 
- Vishal Moluguri , Raghavendra Rao , Janapati Venkata Krishna
  A Contemporary Framework for P2P Connected Systems through Trust Model for Self Organizing Nodes 
- Bhanusri , Raghavendra Rao , Janapati Venkata Krishna
  A Framework for Geographical based Approximate String Search 
- G. Vidya Praveena , K. Krishna reddy , Janapati Venkata Krishna
  Supporting Search-As-You-Type Using SQL in Databases 
- C. Bhagya Laxmi , Bhaludra Raveendranadh Singh , Moligi Sangeetha
  Data Mining: Classification Techniques of Students’ Database A Case Study of the Nile Valley University, North Sudan
- Tariq O. Fadl Elsid , Mirghani. A. Eltahir
  A Secure Framework for Mollifying Attacks in Cloud
- Y. Lakshmi Kanth , Bhaludra Raveendranadh Singh , S.Sunanda , Moligi Sangeetha