IJCTT-Volume 8-No2 February 2014

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
11. A Hybrid Estimation of Distribution Algorithm with Random Walk local Search for Multi-mode Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling problems
- Omar S. Soliman , Elshimaa A. R. Elgendi
12. A Support Vector Machine and Information Gain based Classification Framework for Diabetic Retinopathy Images
- M.Dharani , T.Menaka , G.Vinodhini
13. Affective Embedded Systems: a Requirement Engineering Approach
- Millys F. A. Carvalhaes, Adson F. da Rocha, Marcus Fraga Vieira and Talles Marcelo G. de A. Barbosa
14. Block Motion Based Dynamic Texture Analysis: A Review
- Akhlaqur Rahman , Sumaira Tasnim
15. SVM Based Ranking Model for Dynamic Adaption to Business Domains
- Sandeep Reddy Daida , G.Manoj Kumar
16. Defending wireless sensor network using Randomized Routing
- Devi P , VinothKumar P
17. A Study on Educational Data Mining
- Smitha Harikumar
18. Privacy Preservation using Shamir’s Secrete Sharing Algorithm for Data Storage Security
- Tejashree Paigude , Prof. T. A. Chavan
19. Battery-Powered Mobile Computer using Denial of Service
- Ms.S.Kavitha , Ms.P.Aruna Devi , Ms.P.Sudha
20. Survey on End-To-End Confidentiality in Wireless Sensor Networks
- T.Gowtham , D.Sathya