Volume 7 No3 January 2014

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
21. Effect of Principle Component Analysis and Support Vector Machine in Software Fault Prediction
- A. Shanthini , G.Vinodhini , RM. Chandrasekaran
22. A Survey on Spatial Co-location Patterns Discovery from Spatial Datasets
- Mr.Rushirajsinh L. Zala , Mr.Brijesh B. Mehta , Mr.Mahipalsinh R. Zala
23. A Survey on an Effective Defense Mechanism against Reactive Jamming Attacks in WSN
- Manojkumar.M.K , Sathya.D
24. LWRP: Low Power Consumption Weighting Replacement Policy using Buffer Memory 
- Mr. S.R.Bhalgama , Mr.C.C.Kavar , Mr. S.S.Parmar
25. A Study of Local Binary Pattern Method for Facial Expression Detection 
- Ms.Drashti H. Bhatt , Mr.Kirit R. Rathod , Mr.Shardul J. Agravat
26. An Estimation Method of Measuring Image Quality for Compressed Images of Human Face 
- Abhishek Bhattacharya , Tanusree Chatterjee
27. Data Flow for Effective Data Leakage Prevention using Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm
- Tony Thomas , V.Balajishanmugam
28. Energy Based Optimal Relaying in Heterogeneous Radio Access Networks
- Ravi Gunaseelan , V.Bharathi , R. Sambath kumar
29. Multi Attribute Scheduling using Min Potential Delay Fairness having Reconfigurable Devices in Heterogeneous Wireless System
- R.Sambathkumar , V.Bharathi , Ravi Gunaseelan
30. A survey on Human Computer Interaction Mechanism Using Finger Tracking
- Ms.Kinjal N. Shah , Mr.Kirit R. Rathod , Mr.Shardul J. Agravat