Volume-69 Issue-6 June 2021

  Title/Author Name Paper ID

Integration of Pedagogical Videos As Learning Object In An Adaptive Educational Hypermedia Systems According To The Learner Profile

- Chelliq Ikram, Erradi Mohamed, Aammou Souhaib, Khaldi Mohamed


Developing a Web-Based Application for Electronic Equipment Technician Service Order Using the Scrum Method

- Sharon Natalia, Fadlilah Achmad Falevi, Ifan Prihandi


The Reliability and Acceptance of Biometric System in Bangladesh: Users Perspective

- Shaykh Siddique, Monica Yasmin, Tasnova Bintee Taher, Mushfiqul Alam


Human Gait Recognition using Discrete Wavelet and Discrete Cosine and Transformation Based Features

- Abhishek Madduri


Adaptive E-Learning and Scenarization Tools: The Case of Personalization

- Anoir Lamya, Erradi Mohamed, Khaldi Mohamed


Comparative Study Between Open Source LMS Platforms: Choice of the Moodle e-Learning Platform

- Khaldi Maha, Ouariach Soufiane, Erradi Mohamed, Khaldi Mohamed


Text Summarization Using Extractive Techniques for Indian Language

- Manasi Chouk, Neelam Phadnis


Developing English to Dawurootsuwa machine Translation Model Using RNN

- Elias Assef, Hussien Seid