IJCTT - Volume 59 - No 1 May 2018

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A Framework for Electronic Services Integrationand Seamless E-Services Delivery in Nigeria Public Sector

-Oyefolahan, I.O., Ganiyu, S.O., Babakano, F. J., Zubairu, H. A., Etuk, S. O.


Effective Segmentation in Plain woven Fabric Defect Detection by using Digital Image Processing

-S.Sahaya Tamil Selvi, Dr.G.M.Nasira


Sentiment Analysis in the IT Domain an Enhanced Approach to VADER Sentiment

-Kiran Hegde, Aarush Gupta, Aparna George and Anudeep Dhonde


An Improved Asynchronous Tuberculosis Diagnosis System using Fuzzy Logic Mining Techniques

-Morgan O. Obi, Eke B.O, Asagba P.O


A Preface to Green Computing and its Issues

-Ekta Malhotra, Karishma Gulati


Associative Rule Mining in Large Datasets using Neural Network Algorithm and enhanced Apriori - Based algorithm

-Febin Issac, Yeshwant More


Two Phase Approach for Copyright Protection and Deduplication of Video Content in Cloud using H.264 and SHA-512

-Dr.B.Basaveswara Rao, Qutaiba Mumtaz Dawood, Dr.K.Gangadhara Rao


Secure Visible Light Communication by Caser Cipher and Spiral Wheel Algorithm

-Komal Kumari Agrawal , Vishal Shrivastava