IJCTT - Volume 54 - No 1 December 2017

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
1. NLP in social Networking: An Overview

- Amit Kumar

2. On-Time Flight Departure Prediction System Using Naive Bayes Classification Method (Case Study: XYZ Airline)

- Andi Nugroho, Rizki Ali Fahmi

3. An Inventory Model for Generalized Two Parameter Weibull Distribution Deterioration and Demand Rate with Shortages

- Dr. R. Babu Krishnaraj, Ms. T. Ishwarya

4. Reversible data hiding in encrypted images: A survey

- Ms.Mili Els Jose

5. A Reliable & Scalable Frame Work for HTTP BotNet Detection

- Dr.R.Kannan,Mrs.Poongodi

6. A Recursive Code Generating Algorithm for Automata Control

- Monday O. Eze, Shade Kuyoro

7. Use case modeling for requirement specifications

- Dr. Ajay D. Shinde

8. A Vision on Text Steganography with proper Investigation Report to Identify the Associated Problem

- Rajeev Gupta, Dr. Vivek Sharma

9. Metaheuristic Optimization Design for Image Segmentation: Applications to Brain MRI Images

- Sara Riahi, Azzeddine Riahi

10. Open Architecture Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System: Security Enhancement with Defense-in-Depth Strategies

- Alade, A.A, Ajayi, O.B, Okolie, S.O, Alao, O.D, Akinsanya, A.O, Eze, M.O, Ebiesuwa Seun

  Remaining articles are in progress....