IJCTT - Volume 53 - No 1 November 2017

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
1. Novel Hybrid Finger Print System for Bank Locking System

- V.B. Kirubanand, P J Bharani

2. Analysis of Parallel Architectures: SIMD, tightly-coupled MIMD, and loosely-coupled MIMD

- Babasegun Adeleye, Salman Mohammed Jiddah

3. Debugging and Finding the Errors in Security Testing Techniques

- Dr.S.Kannan, Mr.T.Pushparaj

4. Parkinson Disease and Voice

- J.Sujatha, Dr. S.P.Rajagopalan

5. Choice Based Curriculum Design

- Krishnendu Bhattacharjee, Aarigin Hazra, Tamasree Biswas, Mousumi Saha

6. Energy Efficient Green Cloud Data Centres using Dynamic Virtual Machine Placement: A Survey

- Sajitha.A.V., Dr.A.C.Subhajini

  Remaining articles are in progress....