IJCTT - Volume 50 - No 2 August 2017

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
11. A Simply Study and Analysis on Wireless Sensor Network and Its Techniques

- Prof. P.Gnanasekaran, A.Juliet Sangeetha

12. Customize Venture out Arrangement Suggestion Once Multi-Source Huge Online Networking

- Dr. V. Umadevi, C.Vaishnavi

13. An Improved Wireless Channel Authentication using Multi-Channel Safety Link Signature for Wireless Networks

- Prof. P.Gnanasekaran, B.Karthika

14. A Secure Novelty Leach Protocol to Extend the Life Time of Wireless Sensor Network

- N.Tamilarasi, K.Vanitha, A.Vijayapriya

15. Fatigue Detection in Drivers using Eye-Blink and Yawning Analysis

- Ojo, J.A., Omilude, L.T., Adeyemo, I.A.

16. MRI Medical Images Enhancement based on Histogram Equalization and Adaptive Histogram Equalization

- Wurood A. Jbara, Rafah A. Jaafar

17. A Proposed Method for Text Encryption using Symmetric and Asymmetric Cryptosystems

- HayderRaheem Hashim, Mohammed Abdul HameedJasemAlkufi

18. Design and Analysis of 4- Bit Binary Synchronous Counter by Leakage Reduction Techniques

- Himal Pokhrel, Deepak Kumar, Anjali Sharma

19. Cyber Forensic Science to Diagnose Digital Crimes- A study

- B. V. Prasanthi, Prathyusha Kanakam, S Mahaboob Hussain

20. Standardized Architecture for Conversational Agents a.k.a. ChatBots

- Roshan Khan