IJCTT - Volume 47 - No 2 May 2017

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
11. An Effective TDMA Based Routing for Vanet to Reduce Delay

- Shivani Pandey, Arvind Kumar

12. Big Data Analytics: Map Reduce Function

- S.Swarnalatha, K.Vidya

13. Object Detection and Semantic Segmentation using Neural Networks

- R.Karthika, S. N Santhalakshmi

14. Wbmmsc: Supervised Classification Procedure of Textures Image Extraction

- Dr. Pratik Gite, Udit Gupta, Aditya Acharya

15. Cloud-based Context-aware Mobile Applications and Framework for Hajj and Umrah Management

- Hanan Elazhary

16. Review of different types of Anomalies and Anomaly detection techniques in Social Networks based on Graphs

- Sarbjeet kaur, Prabhjot Kaur

17. Supplementing Video Accessibility and Availability using Information Bound Reference and DCT

- D.Dhayalan, R.Rohini, M.Pavithra, M.Porkalai

18. Face Detection and Recognition Techniques: A Quick Overview

- Krati Sharma, Pushpa Choudhary

19. Local Data Security through Encryption

- Bhanupriya Vyas, Amit Vajpayee

20. Smart Monitoring of the Consumption of Home Electrical Energy

- Dr Ahmed J. Abid, Dr Adnan Hussein Ali