IJCTT - Volume 46 - No 2 April 2017

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
11. Sentiment Analysis of Tourists Opinions of Amusement, Historical and Pilgrimage Places: A Machine Learning Approach

- Venu Dave, DhwaniShah, DikshiSuthar, Bhagirath Prajapati, Priyanka Puvar

12. Data Deduplication And Data Sharing With Delegated Access Control

- Ms. Triveni Bhalerao, Prof. N. P. Kulkarni

13. Dynamic Query Form Generation On Multiple Database

- Ms. Kalyani Gaikwad, Prof. A. M. Jagtap

14. Optimization of Cryptography Algorithms in Cloud Computing

- Pooja Bindlish

15. Detection and Normalisation of the Temporal Expression in Hindi Text

- Charvee

16. Global Positioning System

- Rupish Arora, Asmita Gautam, Shilpa Sahni

17. Multimodal Brain Imaging Technique: A review of the applications in ADHD diagnosis

- Uma Maheswary.K, Dr.S.Manju Priya

18. Automated Adaptive and Sequential Recommendation of Travel Route

- Swaroopa V Dugani, Dr. Sunanda Dixit

19. The New Trends in Compiler Analysis and Optimizations

- Enyindah P., Okon E. Uko