IJCTT - Volume 43 - No 2 January 2017

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
11. A review of homomorphic encryption of data in cloud computing

- Dr. AmitChaturvedi, AkankshaKapoor, Dr. Vikas Kumar


Analysis of Resource Pooling and Resource Allocation Schemes in Cloud Computing

- Dr. Amit Chaturvedi, Aaqib Rashid


Mining Text Data using different Text Clustering Techniques

- Ratna S. Patil#1, Prof. B. S. Chordia


A Survey of Opinion Targets and Opinion Words from Online Reviews Based On the Word Alignment Model

- Dr. P. Sengottuvelan, Prof. I Anette Regina


Generation of Anti-Fractals in SP-Orbit

- Mandeep Kumari, Sudesh Kumari, Renu Chugh

16. Construction of a non-linear distortion model and application to 3-D localization

- A. Bouazi, A.Marhraoui Hsaini


A Comparative Study on Speech Recognition Approaches and Models

- K Naga Abhishek Reddy, Parul Agrawal, Poonam Singh, Prerna Singh, Latha N.R


Cost-Sensitive Access Control for Detecting Remote to Local (R2L) and User to Root (U2R) Attacks

- Doaa Hassan


Overview on segmentation and classification for the Alzheimer’s disease detection from brain MRI

- Kajal Kiran Gulhare, S. P. Shukla, L. K. Sharma


Enhancing Fault-Tolerance in Ring Topology Based on Waiting Queue and Timestamp

- Feras Matarneh, Rami Matarneh