IJCTT - Volume 39 - No 1 September 2016

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
1. Comparative Analysis of Different Classifiers to Detect the Disease in Brain MRI Images
- S.P.Washimkar, S.D.Chede
2. Power Heterogeneous MANET Using LVC Algorithm
- K.Santhya, Dr.N. Sasirekha
3. Aggregating Mesh Network to Increase Throughput in Collision Rate and Reduce Energy Consumption
- Nanda P, Dr. Josephine Prem Kumar
4. Scalable Transaction Management with Snapshot Isolation for Distributed Systems
- J.Suba Lakshmi, K.Arulanandam, T.Varadarajan
5. A New Approach of Energy Efficient Role Assignment Algorithm for Maximizing Lifetime in Wireless Sensor Network
- J.M.Bhattad, S.D. Chede
6. Integration of Mobile IP with MANET
- Priyanka Sharma
7. Aks: A Database for Detection and Extraction of Devanagari Text in Camera Based Images
- Ganesh K Sethi, Rajesh K Bawa
8. State of the art in Nastaleeq Script Recognition
- Harmohan Sharma, Dharam Veer Sharma
9. Security Problems in Wireless Sensor Networks
- K.Ramesh Rao, Dr. S.N.Tirumala Rao, Prof. P. Chenna Reddy
10. Secured Data Forwarding Routing Protocol (SDFRP) For Heterogeneous Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
- A.K.Ashfauk Ahamed, Dr.M.Anand Kumar, Dr.B.L.Shivakumar