IJCTT - Volume 37 - No 2 July 2016

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
11. Context Provisioning for Mobile Service Ensembles
- Durga Puja, Raghav Mehra, BD Mazumdar
12. Design of Automobiles speed control system using RFID
- Harsh Mohan Lal, Prateek Bumb, John Daniel, Yedukondala Rao
13. Sonar Image Fusion based on SR-NNKSVD Denoiseing and Interpolation Methods
- Capt. Dr. S SanthoshBaboo, H.Sivagami
14. Design of a Low Power and Stable 11T SRAM cell with bit-interleaving capability
- Shivendra Kumar Sharma, Bhavana P.Shrivastava
15. Designing An Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Architecture As Business Model Protocol (BMP) For Distributed Electronic-Commerce Systems And Applications
- Anibrika S.K. Bright, Dr. M. Asante, Ashigbi F. Degadzor, Mustapha M. Adamu
16. Sentence Compression Base Sentiment Analysis for Users Reviews: A Survey
- Priya Raghunath Jamdade, Prof. Devendra Gadekar
17. Statistical Analysis of Factors that Influences the Evaluation and Adoption of Multi-Tenant Databases
- Olumuyiwa Matthew, Kevan Buckley, Mary Garvey
18. Design and Analysis of Multiplier Accumulation Unit by using Hybrid Adder
- Amiya Prakash, Dr. Kanika Sharma
19. Mining Exact Information from Overlapped Pattern
- Sanil Shanker KP
20. Reconstruction and adjustment of surfaces from a 3-D point cloud
- A.Marhraoui Hsaini, A. Bouazi, A. Mahdaoui, E.H. Sbai