IJCTT - Volume 33 - No 1 March 2016

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
1. A Defence Mechanism: DNS based DDoS Attack
- Arpita Narayan, Upendra Kumar
2. Modified Approach for Classifying Multi- Dimensional Data-Cube Through Association Rule Mining for Granting Loans in Bank
- Dr. K.Kavitha
3. Reversible Texture Synthesis in Steganography
- Mr. P. R. Gdekar, Mr.N.M.Maske, Mr. R. S. Jamgekar
4. Proposing a Deductive Security Interface to Identify Malfunctioning of Authenticated Users in network Applications and in Cloud Environment
- Dr. Amit Chaturvedi, Rajesh Kumar Pandey
5. E-Locker
- MrunaliWaghmare, AishwaryaLingaware, Neelam Padole, Priyanka Meghare
6. SQL Tuner
- Rohini Bhajipale, Poonam Bisen, Achal Meshram, Snehal Singh Thakur
7. Image Compression with Partial Encryption using Hill Cipher
- AmishaMadhwani, PranaliDeogade, PriyankaManwatkar
8. Human Brain and Artificial Neural Network
- Rakesh Kumar
9. Analysis of Social Networking Platforms to Predict Stock Market Changes
- Rohit Vincent, Rohini V
10. Novel Text Extraction from Video Image Using Multispectral Fusion
- S.Nithyadhevi, R. Venkatesan, B. Mahendran, M.Mohamed Nijasudeen