IJCTT - Volume 32 - No 1 February 2016

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
1. Jamming Attack Detection using Key Exchange in Wireless Network
- S.Rajeswari, R.Maheswari
2. Integer N Frequency Synthesizer using Phase Lock Loop
- Pallavi Patil, Virendra K. Verma
3. Pertaining the Concept of Risk Evaluation and Prediction for Multi-Dimensional Clustering
- Dr. K.Kavitha
4. Design and Implementation of Course Progress Monitoring Information System in Secondary Schools
- Nsengiyumva Jean Marie Vianney, Uwayezu Jean de Dieu
5. A Study on the accessible techniques to classify and predict the risk of Cardio Vascular Disease
- S. Sivagowry, M. Durairaj
6. Reversible Picture Watermarking by Interpolation Technique
- C.Mani, T.Siva Nandhini
7. An Adaptive Counting Job Scheduling algorithm for grid computing
- S. Jagadesan, M.Vanitha
8. An Effective Approach for Face Recognition using PCA and LDA on Visible and IR images
- Rupish Arora, Amit Doegar
9. Implementation of Common Secure Framework for IoT based Arduino Platform
- Dr. Mazin S. Al-Hakeem, Dr. Ala‟a H. Al-Hamami
10. A Dynamic Prioritized Load Balanced Round Robin Elasticity Mechanism on Cloud Mobile Services
- A.Ramesh Kumar, Dr. C.Chandrasekar