IJCTT - Volume 31 - No 1 January 2016

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
1. An Advanced Image Encryption Method Based on Fuzzy Transform in Two Variables and Edge Detection
- Pankaj Sambyal, Vivek Sambyal
2. Design and implementation of pipelined parallel architecture for fast Wavefront Correction of interferometric data
- M.Mohamed Ismail, M.Mohamed Sathik
3. Educational Organization: A new approach of a new dataset for View Mining and Sentiment Analysis
- Aftab Alam, Mohammad Mujahid Barga
4. PAPR Reduction Techniques in OFDM System
- Abha Sharma, Ajay Kr. Singh
5. A Simple Taxonomy of Multilayer Networks
- Andrey A. Shchurov, Radek Mařík
6. A Survey of Software Reliability: Modeling, Measurement and Improvements
- Ejem, Agbaeze, Diala, S. O, Okpalla C. L
7. ID-Based Directed Multi Proxy Chameleon Signature Scheme with Bilinear Pairing
- Tejeshwari Thakurh
8. A Survey on “A Client Server Mutual Authentication Scheme for Cloud Data Center Security”
- Ruchi Goyal, Vijay Verma
9. The State of the Art on Educational Data Mining in Higher Education
- Mohamed Osman Hegazi, Mazahir Abdelrhman Abugroon
10. A study on Internet of Things and its Applications- a review
- V.Harsha Shastri, V.Sreeprada, P.SreeRathna Malathi,K.Apurva