IJCTT - Volume 27 - No 2 September 2015

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
11. DDoS Deflate and APF (Advanced Policy Firewall):A Report
- Dr.S.Brilly Sangeetha
12. Classification of Hyper spectral Image Using Support Vector Machine and Marker-Controlled Watershed
- Murinto, Nur Rochmah DPA
13. Soft Computing based Medical Image Mining: A Survey
- Amjad Khan, Zahid Ansari
14. Literature Survey for the Comparative Study of Various High Performance Computing Techniques
- Zahid Ansari, Asif Afzal, Moomin Muhiuddeen, Sudarshan Nayak
15. 3D Graph Drawings: Good Viewing for an Occluded Edges
- Tariq O. Fadl Elsid, Samani A. Talab
16. Improving Efficiency of Apriori Algorithm
- Ch.Bhavani, P.Madhavi
17. A Decision Support System using ANFIS to Determine the Major of Prospective Students in A Vocational School of Indonesia
- Andri Pranolo, Faiz In’ammurrohman, Yana Hendriana , Dewi Octaviani
18. Cloud computing: Moving towards for Teaching and Learning Methods
- Vishal R Pancholi, Dr. Bhadresh P. Patel
19. A Review on Optimization Based Routing Protocols for MANETS
- Harkirat Kaur, Shivani Sharma
20. Rational Sampling Rate Converter Design Analysis using Symmetric Technique
- Vandita Singh, Rajesh Mehra