IJCTT - Volume 25 - No 3 July 2015

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
21. A Neoteric Copyright Protection Scheme employing Visual Cryptographic Techniques
- T.Usha, P.Pardhasaradhi
22. Data Mining Techniques for Earthquake Frequency-Magnitude Analysis and Seismic Zone Estimation
- Dr.K.Srujan Raju, Kandukuri Rajesh
23. Enhancement of SR Flip Flop Layout Design in 45nm Technology
- Avneet Kaur, Rajesh Mehra
24. An Overview of Identity Deception Approaches and Its Effects
- Ms. M. Preensta Ebenazer, Dr. P. Sumathi
25. Fast Response Enhanced Multi-queue packet Scheduler scheme for Wireless Sensor Network
- Shital L. Bansod, Sonal Honale
26. Survey on Extracting High Utility Item Sets from Transactional Databases
- Ms. S. Elizabeth Amalorpava Mary, Dr.R.A.Roseline
27. Dealing Human Barriers to Assimilate Huge Data Using Tools in Big Data
- Dr. M.Surendra Naidu
28. Robust, secure and Optimized Acknowledge based Data Transmission for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)
- B.Harikrishna, G.Devendar
29. Machine Learning Techniques for Automatic Classification of Patients with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis
- BegoƱa Garcia-Zapirain, Yolanda Garcia-Chimeno, Heather Rogers