IJCTT - Volume 24 - No 2 June 2015

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
11. Bulk Data Extraction, Validation and Processing of Records in a Spreadsheet File Using PL/SQL Constructs
- Bharath B U, Dr. C N Ravikumar
12. Power and Area analysis of Flip Flop using different techniques
- Neha Thapa , Dr. Rajesh Mehra
13. Implementation of an Android Application for Location Tracking and Conferencing
- Prajakta.N.Pande, Prof.Amit Welekar
14. Facial Expression Recognition using Analytical Hierarchy Process
- Vinita Phatnani, Akash Wanjari
15. Information Retrieval System Dedicated to Competitive Intelligence
- Anass Mamouny, Mostafa Hanoune
16. Piecewise Watermarking by clustering using similarity measure in Images
- Mrs.S.Kavitha, Dr.N.Subhash Chandra
17. Transform based Digital Image Watermarking: An Overview
- Naina Choubey, Mahendra Kumar Pandey
18. Wireless Security Embedded Navigator
- Birali Prasanthi, Bukya Ashok
19. A Survey on Semantic Sensor Techniques
- Aenugu Janga Reddy, Kolla Morarjee
20. A Survey on Ontology Based Human Disease Study
- Rachuri Jyothirmai, Kolla Morarjee