IJCTT - Volume 23 - No 4 May 2015

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
31. Study of HSV Color Space Deviations and Histograms in Image Steganography
- Pankaj Sambyal
32. A Novel Approach to Face Detection using Image Parsing and Morphological Analysis
- Abhishek Maity, Sayan Dasgupta, Debjit Paul
33. The Adverse Effect of Watering Hole Attack in Distributed Systems and the Preventive Measures
- Glory V. Umoh, Nnamnso P. Paul
34. A Region Based Approach for Sailent Region Detection
- Ms.Snehal B Chaudhari, Prof.N.M.Shahane
35. A Study on Nucleotide Cancer Liver Cells with DNA Binding Using Hidden Markov Model
- M. Mayilvaganan, R.Rajamani
36. A Preliminary Survey on Genetic Algorithm Techniques
- Mayilvaganan M, Geethamani G.S
37. Distributed Security on Cloud: Mobile Cloud Operating System
- Manish Tewari, Anuj Kumar Yadav
38. Advanced secured Authentication through Firewall in NSC
- Ms. Savita Verma, Dr. Pushpender sarao
39. Preserving Data Mining Over Horizontally Data
- Kamlesh Yadav, Dr.Pushpender Sarao