IJCTT - Volume 23 - No 2 May 2015

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
11. Performance evaluation of the relevance feedback and Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) based CBIR techniques – A Review
- Tania Gupta, Dr. Amandeep Verma
12. Virtualization Head Roads in Information Technology
- Unaowo Monday Brandy
13. A Novel Technique to Detect Semantic Clones
- Nirpjeet Kaur, Sumeet Kaur Sehra, Diana Nagpal
14. An Innovative and Efficient Approach for Detecting Unknown Attacks Using Feature Extraction Scheme and Fuzzy-Neural Networks
- Vikas Belwal, Sandip Mandal
15. Matrix-Chain Multiplication Using Greedy and Divide-Conquer approach
- Raghav Lakhotia, Sanjeev Kumar, Rishabh Sood, Harmeet Singh, Javaid Nabi
16. Security mechanism for Collision Avoidance and Attack Prevention Formants
- Harpreet Kaur, Mrs.SupreetKaur
17. Literature Survey on Multicast Routing Protocols in MANETS
- T.Rama Thulasi, N.Jyotsna, K.Sowjanya
18. Extraction, Visualisation and Analysis of Co- Authorship Based Academic Social Networks
- Tasleem Arif
19. QR Images: an Automatic Method to Embed QR codes in to Color Images
- Shraddha Bachkar, Prajakta Savkar, Sarika Sarode
20. Improved Energy Efficiency and Throughput Using LEACH Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network: A Review
- Amanpreet Kaur, Navpreet Kaur