IJCTT - Volume 23 - No 1 May 2015

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
1. Protection in Cloud Storage: Exploration of the Projected Contract Signing Protocol
- Siva Prasad Reddy K V, Mahendra Reddy D, Hareesh Kumar G, Chandra Sekhar K
2. Multi Tiered Security and Privacy- Enhancing Multi-cloud Environment
- Akanksha Rana, Srinivas Arukonda
3. Automated Espial of Microaneurysm and Grading of Diabetic Retinopathy in Fundus Images Using Ensemble-Based System
- Shilpa K, V J Nyamati, Usha Rani G M
4. A Hybrid Approach for content based image retrieval from large Dataset
- Devendra Kurwe, Prof. Anjna Jayant Deen, Dr. Rajeev Pandey
5. Line Up: A Technique for semantic Web Visualization
- Himanshu Verma, Ritesh Kumar Shah
6. Securing Mobile Phone Based Voting By Integrating Location Services with Encryption Algorithm
- Bhavana Sinha, Reetika Singh
7. Combining and Analysing Apriori and K-Means Algorithms for Efficient Data Mining on the Web
- Nisha Rani, Yamini Chouhan
8. Analysis of the cyber attacks over the past decade and impact of them on private sector
- Chitra Kaul, Dr. B.M.K Prasad
9. An Approach for Secure Path Establishment in MANET using Diffie-Hellman Algorithm after Isolating Black Hole Attack
- ManishaRaj, Vishal Shrivastava
10. Algorithmic Analysis of Edge Ranking and Profiling for MTF Determination of an Imaging System
- Poorna Banerjee Dasgupta