IJCTT - Volume 20 - No 1 Feb 2015

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
1. Location Based Search Queries with Ultimate Privacy Preserving Considerations
- M.S.Ramadevi , S.Prabhu
2. Classification of Page to the aspect of Crawl Web Forum and URL Navigation
- Yerragunta Kartheek, T.Sunitha Rani
3. A Simple Review of Biometric Template Protection Schemes Used in Preventing Adversary Attacks on Biometric Fingerprint Templates
- Joseph Mwema, Michael Kimwele, Stephen Kimani
4. An Overview of the Existing Routing Protocols and Trust Based Algorithms in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
- Bodhy Krishna S
5. A Novel Algorithm for Removal of Salt and Pepper Noise in Color Image Using MDBUTMF
- Tekale N.S , Nelwade S.D , Tondare S.M
6. Survey on Big Data: Management and Challenges
- K.Indira Gandhi , Sri.C.Sreedhar
7. An Efficient Mining Approach of Frequent Data Item Sets on Large Uncertain Databases
- Isse Hassan Sheikh Nur
8. A Comparative Study: RTOS and Its Application
- Gaurav Rai , Sachin Kumar
9. Face Recognition Based On Granular Computing Approach and Hybrid Spatial Features
- S.Sankara vadivu , K. Aravind Kumar
10. Fuzzy Predictable Algorithm for User Experience
- Ahmed A. A. Gad-Elrab , Mahmoud E. Embabi